About CF

For more than 70 years offering the best medical products with a trajectory of respect to its customers and employees makes Cirúrgica Fernandes a reference in the segment.

Pioneer in the importation of medical materials, the Cirúrgica Fernandes sells products from more than 20 countries, counting on the exclusivity of brands from Europe, North America and Asia.

The 25,000 m² distribution center, with more than 250 employees, 120 representations throughout the country and a mix of more than 9,000 products, reflects the union and sense of teamwork; an ethical and responsible work, symbol of the expansion that generates the continuous development of the company.


1946 | The beginning: The history of Cirúrgica Fernandes merges with the history of one of its founders, Mr. Luiz Fernandes, a visionary, who began his activities as a salesman of hospital equipment in 1945. In the following year, in partnership with his cousin José Ganade Fernandes, he founded Cirúrgica Fernandes in a commercial room on Araújo Street, in the center of São Paulo.

1950s: The company expands its business and its headquarters starts to occupy a two-floors house in Asdrúbal do Nascimento Street, besides opening the doors for direct sale to the consumer and a second address in Benjamim Constant Street, both in the center of São Paulo.

1968 | Cirúrgica Fernandes in other hands: The exponential growth of Cirúrgica Fernandes starts to attract the interest of several international companies and the partners choose to sell the company to a Franco-Belgian multinational, a transaction that was concluded in 1972, with Cirúrgica Fernandes already then occupying a space of 1,000 m² in a new address in Clodomiro Amazonas Street, Itaim neighborhood, in São Paulo.

1978 | The take back: Under the management of the new owners the company does not achieve the success they longed for and is then offered to the former partners for repurchase. Mr. Luiz Fernandes is interested in reassuming the business and his son, Mr. Marcos Fernandes, recently graduated as a civil engineer, at his father’s request, becomes part of the company’s management. At this moment the company starts to occupy a new address, with a space of 1,500 m² in Borges Lagoa Street.

80’s: In the beginning of the 80’s a new store is opened for direct sale to the consumer in Napoleão de Barros Street, very close to the headquarters of Borges Lagoa Street. Dr. Luiz Antônio Fernandes, physician, son of Mr. Luiz Fernandes, at the invitation of his father, completes the board of directors of Cirúrgica Fernandes.

90’s: Expansion plan: From the 90’s on, the second generation of the family, the sons of Mr. Fernandes – Luiz Antonio and Marcos, take over the company’s management, leaving Mr. Luiz in the presidency. Due to the need for greater storage capacity, an 8,000 m² plot of land is acquired on Raposo Tavares Road, where a large distribution center is built.

2008: Cirúrgica Fernandes starts operating in its new distribution center in Tamboré, occupying an area of more than 25,000 m² and quickly reaching levels of excellence, being one of the first distributors of health products to be certified by Anvisa in 2009. In this same period, Mr. Luiz Fernandes leaves the presidency, but remains as a board member in his sons’ administration.

2016: In the 70th anniversary of Cirúrgica Fernandes, its founder, Mr. Luiz Fernandes, passes away. The company maintains its strong growth and, in order to meet the needs arising from the continuous increase in its turnover, the duplication of its warehouse area is carried out.

2019: The distribution center of Cirúrgica Fernandes, goes through continuous processes of expansion to serve a growing number of customers, certified by Anvisa and qualification groups such as GAFO, ANHAP, Amil, Associação Portuguesa de Beneficência and many others.

With quality products and high technology, allied to a logistic service of excellence, Cirúrgica Fernandes has been ahead of its time for more than seven decades.

Mission, vision and values

The constant search for excellence in service offering high quality services, with logistical agility, inherent to a branch of action whose purpose is the preservation of human life, are priorities for Cirúrgica Fernandes, as well as investment in infrastructure and modernization, resulting in exponential growth of our operations and the quality of our services.

Mission: To seek the satisfaction of our customers providing products and services with excellence and high quality.

Vision: To be a reference in quality and innovation in the import and distribution of medical and hospital equipment.

Values: Tradition, Pioneering, Commitment, Agility and Innovation.


Cirúrgica Fernandes has been operating in the correlated market since 1946, always offering high quality products and services to its more than 20 thousand clients. The company is one of the pioneers in obtaining the Certificate of Good Storage and Distribution Practices, which highlights even more its constant search for excellence in its service.

With a warehouse management system (WMS) fully computerized and having all its operations organized, Cirúrgica Fernandes can guarantee the conditions of the product it sells from the qualification of each manufacturer as a supplier, maintenance of this qualification, continuous inspection of products received, stored and shipped, guarantee of ideal storage and handling conditions fully monitored, in addition to the total traceability of products.

With an area of more than 10,000 m² of vertical storage, the company can guarantee the delivery even when the manufacturer itself faces conditions of momentary product shortages. All our infrastructure and investments have the sole objective of exceeding our clients’ expectations, growing in quality and convenience in an exponential way, every year of existence.

Social responsability

Cirúrgica Fernandes seeks to base its actions on principles of awareness and social responsibility, establishing partnerships for the promotion of sports activities, literary publications, dance shows, theater and the indispensable support of people with special needs. The company also participates in the Menor Aprendiz [Young Apprentice] program, which aims to include the young apprentice in the labor market and also to prepare them in advance by means of professional courses.

Integrating the promotion of social welfare with the preservation of the environment, Cirúrgica Fernandes has maintained, since 2009, a partnership with the Association Vila Esperança de Materiais Recicláveis (AVEMARE), donating about 500 cardboard boxes per day, minimizing the environmental impact while stimulating the development of the cooperative members.

In recognition of the social and environmental actions carried out, and due to its commitment to the human development of the citizens of its surroundings, Cirúrgica Fernandes was awarded by the Municipality of Santana de Parnaíba as “Business Highlight” and “Entrepreneurial Company” in all editions held, 2010, 2017 and 2018. Conceived by the City Hall of Santana de Parnaíba, through the Municipal Secretariat of Employment and Economic Development (SEMEDES), the award aims to recognize the entrepreneurs of the city who carry out actions to stimulate and foster the local economy, within an ethics of social and environmental responsibility, in addition to being a stimulus to entrepreneurs who, with their actions, contribute positively to the transformation of the city.